a cold night – did lettuce survive?

The temperature dipped to 19F in some areas of my yard last night. I have a bunch of salad greens out there marked for the Thanksgiving Day salad bowl. They’re under a double layer of row cover. I’m worried about what I’ll find when I check them. I may be buying lettuce …

Persephone period begins

It’s November 10. Daylight hours have fallen below 10 hours a day at my latitude. Sunrise 6:28 am, sunset 4:27 pm. Aargh – not my favorite time of year… (Plants don’t grow with less than 10 hours of light a day.) I had my countdown timer set to watch for this date. I’ve set it for February 2nd now – the date the Persephone ends.

freeze warning tonight!

I worked this afternoon to get my tender greens covered and the last of my frost-sensitive vegetables harvested. A frost, or even a freeze, is predicted in my area tonight. I have to admit I’m not ready for the end of the season. I was hoping it would go on for quite a while yet. It’s seven days later than our average frost date so it has been a nice long growing season.


We’re creeping toward our average first frost date… It would normally be October 10 and was right on schedule last year. This year, it looks like we have at least a week to go. That’s good. I want to get my winter bed covers in place before we get too cold. I’m planning to dig out around the bed and run hardware cloth 6 inches down to keep the voles out. Also planning to order a bottle of castor oil to soak the soil at the edges of the bed.…

summer is passing

What a busy summer! I keep thinking I’ll get a minute to write a post and then I need to pick the pears or process a big pile of tomatoes. Of course life is throwing other things at me too. It’s been a great year for my tomatoes, peppers, pears, and beets. I’ve made red sauce from 30 lbs of tomatoes and dried another 15. I expect them to keep coming in for a while – there are many still on the plants, though they are fading with the dryness…

rain, yeah!!

After nearly an entire month with no rain, we have a 3-day rain storm! Yeah! It should soak deep into the ground and perk up my plants. (And it gives me a chance to catch up on indoor stuff, like my blog.) These seedlings got flooded in the first hour of our 3-day storm. I moved them out of the trays right after the photo, so they are fine now. Before the rain, I was sending up clouds of dust when I walked in my garden paths at my community…

swallows arrive

The tree swallows arrived here this morning!!! What fun to see them. They are swooping all over my garden. A pair seems to have claimed the same nesting box where a swallow pair nested last year. I read that our NE tree swallows have been in Florida or Cuba for the winter.

spring, not too far away?

I hear redwing blackbirds for the first time today. And my garden has a bunch of bluebirds in it, foraging in it since it’s the only cleared area around (I also have a feeder with mealworms down there for them). It’s a misty warm day after a lot of rain last night. I’m seeing rocks pop up that I had forgotten were there. It’s like a new world. There’s still snow all over, but it’s down to maybe 6 inches. And the pond is still frozen (actually there’s an ice…