summer is passing

Watching the Seasons

What a busy summer! I keep thinking I’ll get a minute to write a post and then I need to pick the pears or process a big pile of tomatoes. Of course life is throwing other things at me too.

It’s been a great year for my tomatoes, peppers, pears, and beets. I’ve made red sauce from 30 lbs of tomatoes and dried another 15. I expect them to keep coming in for a while – there are many still on the plants, though they are fading with the dryness and approaching fall. I’m planning to try making pickled peppers and pickled beets soon. That’ll be something new for me. I have lots of raspberries frozen for pies. I bought a couple pounds of beans, added these to my meager harvest plus fond of  my mom’s and canned some pickled beans. My husband started eating them immediately. Why wait! I’m starting to dig potatoes.

So yes, the summer is passing by. My squash vines have faded. Tomatoes foliage is suffering. And I can sense that change in the light with darker mornings and evenings. Other gardeners mention it to me. It’s hard to accept that another summer is going to pass and be gone.

In spite, I’m going to try to get back to regular posting. Try…

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