cold temps returning

I’ve been so lucky with a couple weeks of warm weather and my winter hoops have been left open. But our next five nights will go below 30F, so I’ll have to cover the frame. I’m even hearing that my newly planted peas may get covered with 6-8 inches of snow on Monday. OMG! That seems like more snow than we’ve had all winter.

peepers singing

The peeper frogs started singing today. They are so enthusiastic! From Wikipedia: The spring peeper (Pseudacris crucifer) is a small chorus frog widespread throughout the eastern USA and Canada. They are so called because of their chirping call that marks the beginning of spring. I’m hoping to make a planting calendar app based on natural events someday. I’m probably relearning what previous generations already knew. In any case, I think when the peepers sing, it’s time to plant eggplant and pepper seeds indoors. And it’s time to get ready to…

redwing blackbirds are 3 weeks early

This afternoon I hear redwing black birds at the pond for the first time this season. Last year I didn’t hear them til March 27. So this is three weeks earlier! I wonder if I should adjust my planting calendars by three weeks? A pair of mute swans arrived today too. The ice on the pond melted about 2 weeks ago. We’ve had buffleheads and ring-necked ducks diving since then. Also flocks of Canada geese making all sorts of noise all night. They’re starting to pair off now. I think…

ice out

The ice melted in our local ponds today. A perfect day for a swim, Skippy thought. He swam around quite a while and seemed to love it. Pretty brisk I think.

winter tunnel after -12 F cold snap

I’m surprised how well a double tunnel insulates plants. I thought everything would be dead by now. Especially after our record breaking -12.8 F (-25 C) night. Spinach, kale, mustard, bunching onions and cilantro are perfectly happy. (My kale outside of the tunnel is dead.) Lettuce, arugula and chard in the tunnel are cold-singed but will recover fast I think. Probably turnips and daikon radish (the large dead-ish looking plants in the center) are not good choices for a winter tunnel. We’re getting some warm days, 40s and 50s, and…

frigid temperatures

At sunset: 18 F (-7.8 C) 8 pm: 0.6 F (-17 C) 10 pm: -2.5 F (-19.2 C) midnight: -5.6 F (-20.9) 3:30 am: -10.7 F (-23.7) 7 am: -12.8 (-24.9 C) 10 am: 9.1 F (-12.7 C) Minimum: -12.9 F (-24.9 C) I’m a bit west of Boston, but the previous Boston record low for this date is/was -3F/-19C (1967). I’m amazed at how fast the temperatures are falling tonight.


We had about 8 inches of heavy wet snow yesterday that stuck to tree branches. It looked beautiful, but there were many power outages and sadly, a couple people died not too far south from here from being hit by falling branches. It’s our first real snow of the season. What a storm. The photo above is my backyard. Taken at 7 am, the sun is low in the east, shining across the pond onto snow-covered trees. The roof of my garden shed is visible at the right and my…

where did winter go?

It’s in the 80’s in the sun now! Where did winter go? A high of 57F is officially predicted this afternoon in Boston. My bees are out and about. Garlic is sprouting. I’ve been opening my greens tunnel to the sun the past few days. We’ve had a week-long stretch of very mild winter weather. I’m tempted to think spring is around the corner, but I was reminded that last year, most of our enormous snowfall came in February. Nevertheless, I think this is turning out to be a very…

at the northern edge of a giant snowstorm

We only got a couple windswept inches of snow yesterday, but Skippy watched it fall at the Sudbury River. Boston was way up at the northern end of the giant snowstorm that hit the coast south of us. I only have a little bit to snow blow this morning.

lights for New Year’s Eve

I lit these lights in the darkness tonight In another season, we would still have sunlight We would have warm air and full gardens But now it’s the New Year and lights sparkle in the cold and darkness, It’s time to reflect and plan for new things. I very much hope 2016 is a year of peace in the world I wish 2016 would bring food and happiness for everyone. For me – I’m beginning to plan my gardens I have a nice stack of catalogs, circles here and there,…