indoor gardening on a rainy summer day

A dreary, rainy day here. Cool for us (upper 50’s). I missed getting outside to work and having sunshine. But I know my gardens loved the rain. We got just under an inch of rain – a steady all-day rain. Instead of outdoor gardening, I “gardened” inside. – I’ve been meaning to clean out and organize my little room off the garage that I use for indoor gardening, honey, canning, and root cellar. It’s all organized now. – I also planted a tray of fall greens. They are listed on…

spring in my backyard garden

I haven’t posted many of my photos recently, so I’m putting together some collections. This is my backyard garden from early April until yesterday. Spring. By the end of summer, there won’t be any dirt showing.


My backyard garden on the first day of summer. (The summer solstice 2017 in Northern Hemisphere was at 12:24 AM EST on Wednesday, June 21.)

our last snow storm – hopefully….

My garden got a couple inches of slush from the storm yesterday. But my Mom’s garden is seriously buried. Probably eight inches of really heavy snow. I tried to shovel her driveway – usually no problem for me, but only did about two car lengths before I burnt out. Fortunately a plow cleared it a few hours later. The next weather we have is a big rain storm that supposed to come through here on Tuesday. Rain sounds good. Melt that snow! Fill up our reservoirs!

spring is here!

It’s spring! Astronomically – if not our temperatures, which will go down to the teens and low 20’s, much of this week. But my garden soil is WORKABLE! Yeah. Charley and I checked it out this afternoon. Nothing is frozen and it’s not muddy. Just nice planting soil. We even saw a nice little earthworm in the soil. Time to get out my pea seeds.

a beautiful day

The sun was warm and I was working with my dogs right next to my garden today. Pretty good. I’m not quite working inside the garden yet – but seems like that may be soon. I cleared overgrown briars just behind my garden fence. Huge prickly multiflora rose and wild raspberry canes. The area is about a 15 foot piece of land between my fence and a little brook. Long ago, I can see a gardener planted ornamental plants there, but the yard has had 10 years or so of…

This is the warmest day every recorded in the Boston area in February! Feels more like May. It’s wonderful. I opened up my winter tunnel to give it some sun and air.

winter walk

The temperatures have been so nice and warm here the past week. Suzie, Charley, and I had a great walk yesterday. We walked around the fields of a small CSA farm, around the empty greenhouse, piled tomato stakes, and dried stalks of corn and Brussels sprouts. The dogs got all muddy – that’s the trade off for warm weather.

snow shoeing to my garden

Ten days after my last post and our scenery is whiter. And colder. We had 10 inches of snow Thursday and another 3 or 4 last night. It looks like we’re in a snowy pattern with more to come.

a gray day

  We’ve got rain, snow, sleet, and slush today. Dull gray skies. Dreary. The dogs and I walked on muddy, slippery trails. Mud in the car, mud in the house, then “paw baths”. A good evening to sit by the fire.