a beautiful day

Skippy, Suzie & Charley, Watching the Seasons

spring clearing IMG_6686 spring clearing IMG_6691
spring clearing IMG_6689 spring clearing IMG_6687

The sun was warm and I was working with my dogs right next to my garden today. Pretty good. I’m not quite working inside the garden yet – but seems like that may be soon.

I cleared overgrown briars just behind my garden fence. Huge prickly multiflora rose and wild raspberry canes. The area is about a 15 foot piece of land between my fence and a little brook. Long ago, I can see a gardener planted ornamental plants there, but the yard has had 10 years or so of neglect. Last year I cut down many thick bittersweet vines. Today with the briars gone too, I uncovered some pretty azaleas. Lots of forsythia. I look forward to see what grows up in the spring.

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