weather woes

Just some comments on how the New England weather is affecting farmers from a Boston Globe article today: farmers are increasing fertilizer schedules because the rain is washing away the nutrients, … crops like tomatoes are slow to grow because of the poor weather, they have yet to be flooded out but there is about a 2-week delay in these crops. We’ve had 22.26 inches of rain in May and June – our normal is 5.8.

summer solstice

Summer solstice, first day of summer, longest day of the year, last day of school. My garden is celebrating! In Massachusetts, we have 15:17 hours of sunlight today (sunrise 5:07, sunset 8:24). Maybe it’s a good day to get a lot of work done. Or a day to just hang out and enjoy the sun.

Memorial Day bird nests with eggs

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More photos from my parents’ yard. The catbird nest is in a hemlock bush right near their back door. It has four bright blue eggs. Mrs. Catbird didn’t mind the photos I took and was quickly back on her nest.