first day of autumn

A sad good-bye to summer… Something about the fall garden isn’t the same as the spring and summer one. I notice I’m not heading out there as much. I have fewer vegetable garden pictures to show. Instead I’m playing with my photos today.

autumnal equinox

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I thought fall would begin on September 21 this year, but I was wrong. I’ve corrected my sidebar count down meter. The equinox is at about 9:30 am on September 23. That means an extra 2 days of summer that I didn’t know about. Three cheers!

signs of spring

     Finally, a few signs of spring in my garden. Pussy willows are out and snowdrops are opening. My gnome has emerged from the snowcover. The birds are plentiful and signing loudly. A lovely carolina wren was singing today, as well as the usual chickadees, cardinals, and sparrows. I am a bit concerned about my garlic. Its still under a couple inches of snow and the tips are looking ragged. I hope it survived.    

Not much going on in my garden! Snow, snow, snow….

first frost

We had a real frost last night. I’m hoping my covered parsley and chard survived it.

harvest moon

The moon looked very big and almost full tonight. It’ll be full in two days – on Friday. The full Harvest Moon is the full moon that occurs closest to the autumn equinox. Its late this year, as it is usually happens in September. Often, we get our first frost at the first October full moon. I figure, if we make it past this moon maybe we’ll have a late frost and an extended growing season this year. We’ll see.

weather woes

Just some comments on how the New England weather is affecting farmers from a Boston Globe article today: farmers are increasing fertilizer schedules because the rain is washing away the nutrients, … crops like tomatoes are slow to grow because of the poor weather, they have yet to be flooded out but there is about a 2-week delay in these crops. We’ve had 22.26 inches of rain in May and June – our normal is 5.8.

summer solstice

Summer solstice, first day of summer, longest day of the year, last day of school. My garden is celebrating! In Massachusetts, we have 15:17 hours of sunlight today (sunrise 5:07, sunset 8:24). Maybe it’s a good day to get a lot of work done. Or a day to just hang out and enjoy the sun.