Watching the Seasons

spring collage

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  • Your photos are beautiful.

  • thanks!

  • I love your beautiful garden. Oh, and Skippy, too. Does he dig when you do? My dog used to love to help, if I let her in the garden.

    In a couple of years, my husband and I will be moving to New Mexico to retire, and I want to do a couryard type garden there. I will be watching yours from now on, to get ideas!

  • Wow – a courtyard garden in New Mexico sounds like paradise! You must be looking forward to that. Especially with the snowy weather in Maine now!

    Skippy used to dig all over the backyard and attack the rake and bark at nothing. Fortunatly he’s learned that I don;t like that, (or that was just puppy behavior and now he’s all grown up at 2 yrs old). He mostly sits and watches. He sniffs everything and when he’s happy he’ll chase his tail and jump in the air. If I look un-busy momentarily, he’ll come try to get me to rub his nose. And if I sit down, he’ll usually come sit on me – a 53 lb lap-dog!

  • I like the buds in the 3rd last picture 😀 they remind me of jelly fish!


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