rain, yeah!!

Watching the Seasons

After nearly an entire month with no rain, we have a 3-day rain storm! Yeah! It should soak deep into the ground and perk up my plants. (And it gives me a chance to catch up on indoor stuff, like my blog.)

These seedlings got flooded in the first hour of our 3-day storm. I moved them out of the trays right after the photo, so they are fine now.

flooded seedlings IMG_2796

Before the rain, I was sending up clouds of dust when I walked in my garden paths at my community garden. I mulched them, I tried to mulch everything. I tried to water regularly, but often didn’t have time to drive over there. My garlic suffered, I lost a few and some are not growing as well as they should. I will have to buy new seed garlic this year – or save much of my crop and buy farmers Market garlic to eat. I am hoping my onions do OK. I think the potatoes will be fine.

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