Our official total was about 20 inches of snow today!

white garden

Looks we got a foot of snow, but hard to tell with the drifting. And its still coming down. No sign of the garden gnome – guess he took off and went south.

Christmas Eve aerial view of my side yard vegetable garden

We shook the snow off the tarp covering the cold frame in the morning. Once the sun hit it warmed up to 45*F, so I opened the doors and let it get some fresh air. I brought a few gallons of water out while it was open. Not much left inside, but I will pick a salad bowl full tomorrow (Christmas Day) and then let the rest wait ’til the spring starts it growing again.

wet aerial view

Seems like it’s been raining all month! Plus temps are falling. Summer’s gone. Cukes and tomatoes are looking ragged. With the dampness, I haven’t done much work outside and chores are waiting. This weekend is forecast to be dry. I want to clear out the cold frame, replace the plastic and fill it with baby seedlings that are growing inside. I’ll also plant clover and winter rye under the tomatoes and in the empty beds. At my community plot, I’ll plant garlic. Maybe also consolidate the fall greens and put…

my kitchen garden

Here’s the vegetable garden I grow on the side my house. This is the view from the east – the shady side. That’s the potato bed in the foreground. The cold frame is at the far right in the bright sun. It is mostly full of cucumbers right now. They are amazing this year. I pick 2 or 3 a day. Much more than I can eat. I will make another batch of pickles soon. On Sunday, I removed the melons from behind the cukes (they did not do well…

a new mulch for my vegetable beds

One of my projects this weekend was to weed and mulch my side yard vegetable beds. Weeding the beds was a big job as I’ve neglected them recently. I removed two wheel barrows full to my compost bins. Most weeds had grown up in the paths between the beds. After weeding, I spread mulch. A new product for me: Coast of Maine hay and straw mulch. Its finely chopped and sterilized and they say it doesn’t have weed seeds. Its spreads very nicely and one bag covers lots of ground.…

end of August garden aerial

I’ve worked on several projects in my side yard the past two weekends. I have been fixing up a little flower garden next to my cold frame (bottom center of this photo), I’ve mulched and weeded the vegetable beds, and I’ve set up a new grape arbor just to the left of this photo. I’ll post separately on each of these projects. If you want to, you can click on this photo and mouse over to what’s planted where.


My side yard garden has had better years. It’s so shady! But the cold frame is filling up and tomatoes are s.l.o.w.l.y growing. I planted my Solanacea (tomato-related plants) here (instead of my community plot) for rotation this year. Click on the photo to see what’s growing.