aerial garden view

The gardens are full and green. Click on photo, then mouse over to see what’s growing where.

July photos of my gardens

This is my side yard garden. The beds are getting sun about 11 am to 2:30 pm now because of trees to the east and west. But is is really sheltered and warm here, especially in the open cold frame against the south wall of the house. And this is my community plot – with completely full sun.

sideyard garden

It was evening when I took this photo from the upstairs window. Earlier in the day I caught the thermometer at 106*F! The sensor is located in full sun in the middle of my open cold frame. With the adjacent house walls and the stone path, it gets really warm. If I move the sensor a few feet to the shade, its a good 10* cooler. As I am posting this photo I notice a squirrel in the far left bed. What is he doing!!? I spent the day working…

sideyard garden in the cool wet spring

The beds are pretty well planted now with peas, beans, edamame and tomatoes. They are growing slow in the cool wet weather. The peas have pulled down their supports. I’ll look for another support next year. But they are just about ready to start picking. Inside the cold frame are eggplants, cucumbers, watermelon and herbs.

April garden arial

A lot of good gardening weather this week! Midweek, I moved my Meyers lemon out to its summer location. Its full of fruit this year and blooming again. Today I shoveled 3 wheelbarrows full of compost to my garden beds, raked it down and did some planting. I usually turn the compost in every spring, but (mostly out of lack of energy) decided to try lasagna gardening this year. Since I have an irrigation system that needs to be lifted and redug when I turn the garden, its a big…

April garden view

Not much happening yet, but soon. My gnomes are working hard. And the peas are growing.

snowy Halloween garden

After a day of melting, this is my garden. We got about 3 inches of the white stuff on Saturday. Way less than other places to the west of us. A big branch fell in the backyard that will need to be cleared with a power saw. I hope the weather warms and stays snow-free at least til next weekend so I can clean up my gardens. I was still picking peppers and basil last week and had done minimal clean up. I guess its time to prepare for winter!