seedlings by the window

These are my pepper seedlings. They have a nice spot in a south facing window over looking the garden. They aren’t getting much sun since its very overcast and still raining out there. I noticed that the soil temperature under the black plastic layer in my garden is the same as the soil temperature in the beds without plastic. I guess that’s what happens when there is no sun. Capsicum

repotting pepper seedlings

Time to repot the peppers! I ended up with two trays: 90 plants total. I had peat pots for one tray (no pictures), but thought I’d try making paper pots for the other (these are the photogenic ones). The paper pots probably took me an hour to make and fill. Not too bad. Of course, its much too many plants for my little garden. I’ll probably bring them down to the plant sale in the town center in the middle of May. Maybe I’ll get rich. Here’s a link to…

spring planting!

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Its my official start of a new gardening season! Today I planted my first seeds: one 3 ft row of each snap peas, Capucijner peas, endive, escarole, a lettuce mix, and black seeded simpson lettuce. I coated the pea seeds with inoculant just before planting. I have changed my side-bar count-down meter to keep track of the time until tomato harvest. Last year my first tomato was ripe on July 31. Around here, July 4 is the date gardeners shoot for. I’ve never even come close, but I thought I’d…

baby chili pepper sprouts

My peppers have just started to get little second leaves. I’m thinking about transplanting them someday in the near future. There’s only about 50 million of them. Today I moved them to a south facing window (where they have a view of the vegetable garden and lots of sun). Capsicum

pepper sprouts

Skippy is keeping an eye on my pepper sprouts. I don’t know what I’m going to do with all these pepper plants. But, I do know what I’d like to do with the peppers: POPPERS! I’m bookmarking the recipe at Danielle’s Florida garden here. Capsicum

pepper sprouts

It is now 12 days after I planted pepper seeds (on March 15). Lots of little sprouts have come up. The pepper package said the seeds would sprout in 10-21 days (at 70F) and then be ready to plant in the garden in about 8 weeks (about May 15). I’ve been incubating these seeds at about 75F by keeping them next to a light under my fish tank. I found I had to keep a sheet of glass over them, as they dried out very fast without it. Once the…

planting the first seeds of the year

I bought a package of hot peppers and decided I would try growing just one thing inside this year. Its alot of work to raise seedlings, so I haven’t done it recently. Of all the seeds to pick, I chose peppers. Patrick at Bifurcated Carrots has told me that these need to be kept above 70F to sprout. So I have set up a way to keep them warm. They are next to a small light on the refugium in a cabinet under my salt water fish tank. I turn…

planting lettuce

I can’t believe I planted a bed of lettuce today. Very foolish. I am ignoring the rapidly approaching end of the gardening season. Well, maybe we’ll have a very late frost this year. After all, we made it past the October full moon. And I did have a couple packages of seeds left. (How long do they last anyway?) I may try to cover the bed with hoops and cloth later on if I am ambitious. Its always nice to have fresh lettuce. I’m not sure how much cold lettuce…