planting the first seeds of the year

Starting Seeds

flat tank
I bought a package of hot peppers and decided I would try growing just one thing inside this year. Its alot of work to raise seedlings, so I haven’t done it recently. Of all the seeds to pick, I chose peppers. Patrick at Bifurcated Carrots has told me that these need to be kept above 70F to sprout. So I have set up a way to keep them warm. They are next to a small light on the refugium in a cabinet under my salt water fish tank. I turn this light on at night and I’ve been checking the temperature near it – about 78F, same as my fish tank temperature. It should be a nice spot for the pepper seeds.

The pepper package says the seeds should sprout in 10-21 days (at 70F) and then be ready to plant in the garden in about 8 weeks (about May 15). Last year it wasn’t warm enough (and dry enough) to plant peppers in my garden until May 23. I think this timing should be good.

As an aside, this is the second time I’ve touched dirt this year and the second allergy attack I’ve had. Of all of the things for a gardener to be allergic too! Thank goodness for antihistamines. I love playing in the dirt!


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  • I love your blog and your veggie garden. I found it thru Tracy’s Outside.
    We are from Chicago area, but are visiting Mass. for the NE Flower Show, next week.
    Could you recommend a few restaurants in the “North End” area?
    Thank you,

  • Good luck! It looks good. Make sure they get some air, or they may get moldy. Yes, 10-21 days, peppers can take ages, even if they take a little longer — have patience.

  • I’ll see what temp they are without the glass plate tomorrow. It was 76F today with the plate. But air would be good. 10 days could grow some good mold. I bet it’ll still be above 70F without the plate.

  • Sissy,

    Some of my favorite restaurants in that general area, but not actually in the “North End” are Anthony’s Pier Four, Blu, and Marilov’s. Three very differnet restaurants. I’ll get you a good recommmendation in the North End. A great place is Mike’s pastry shop for cannoli’s and Italian cookies.

    Have fun at the Flower Show. Its alway wonderful. Very crowded. I try to go as early as I can to beat the crowds.

    North End Restaurants: Mamma Mia’s (3 North Square) I’ve been there many years ago. Very nice classic Italian. It is rated very high and is expensive ($40 per meal). Carmen is currently rated the best restaurant in the North End (Zagat). I’ve also been to Terramia long ago, which was also very nice (Salem St.), is also close to the top. I enjoyed walking along the Freedom Trail with my son’s school class. Faniel Hall is nice to walk through. The Daily Catch has very good fish/seafood. I’ve been there. Moderate pricing, not much for decor, but nice (e.g. calamari fried or stuffed or meatballs or anyway you can think of, etc… lobster… yummm…) Thanks for asking. I think I’ll have to go there again!

  • Thank you, I cannot believe the weather we are leaving, and the weather we are going to…


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