planting lettuce

Starting Seeds
I can’t believe I planted a bed of lettuce today. Very foolish. I am ignoring the rapidly approaching end of the gardening season. Well, maybe we’ll have a very late frost this year. After all, we made it past the October full moon. And I did have a couple packages of seeds left. (How long do they last anyway?) I may try to cover the bed with hoops and cloth later on if I am ambitious. Its always nice to have fresh lettuce. I’m not sure how much cold lettuce seedlings can stand. I guess I’ll see what happens. So here is my lettuce bed, planted on October 5th. I planted it where my squash were, as they all gave up earlier this week.

Note added February 7: This planting failed (of course). I think maybe Sept 20 is the last planting date that would be useful. Even this may is probably too late, unless the fall weather is unusually warm.

Arang Lactuca sativa

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