pepper sprouts

Starting Seeds

skip and sprouts
Skippy is keeping an eye on my pepper sprouts. I don’t know what I’m going to do with all these pepper plants.

But, I do know what I’d like to do with the peppers: POPPERS! I’m bookmarking the recipe at Danielle’s Florida garden here.


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  • oh no, my father-in-law was right–our pepper planting last night is probably too late, isn’t it, if your pepper plants are looking so beautiful already =( i’m a first-time gardening hunting around blogland for inspiration, your raised beds look fantastic!

  • Wow! That’s a lot of peppers! I have grown far too many pepper plants, too. I will probably give some away to members of our community garden.

  • HI Christa,
    Glad to hear your peppers are doing well too. I will probably have many to give away too. Good luck with your potatoes!

    CD & SP,
    I bet your peppers will do fine. You’ll just have a harvest that starts a bit late. Last year my purchased peppers produced for several months. I think I started picking peppers early August. This year, I planted my peppers on March 15th and kept the seeds at least 75F. Remember to keep your seeds warm! Good luck.

  • Skippy is so cute! Even just his nose LOL.
    Enjoyed catching up here 🙂



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