seedlings in my hoop house

I planted lots of Brassicaceae (cabbage-family) seeds a week ago. They are all cute little sprouts now. They are down in my hoop house with onion, beet, parsley, spinach, and lettuce seedlings. It’s cool, in the 40’s (F), outside today but bright sunshine. The hoop house is at 80F. My husband ran power down there the other day, so my fan is kicking in when the temperature gets to 80. I love to be able to tend seedlings in on the hoop house benches rather than inside on my shelve…

vegetables that grow fast

It’s a tough time. I’m in eastern Massachusetts, where we have many cases of new coronovirus and we know it’s going to get much worse. My husband and I are staying at home. There are empty store shelves here. Most people are staying at home. I looked up what I can grow at home the fastest. It’s just the start of the spring growing season in New England. It’s a very mild spring and many cold hardy crops can go in now, but it will take a couple months to…

sowing peppers, eggplants, and marigolds

  I am up late tonight planting. I put in three trays of seeds. 20 6-pks, 30 varieties. It feels so nice to put tiny seeds in a cushion of moist soil and nutrients and think about how they will look mid summer. The peppers need 80F warmth to germinate so two of my three trays will get special attention on a heat mat. Soon I’ll get the varieties that I planted listed on the page “Skippy’s Garden Info” at the top of this blog. I will add this new…

the first seedlings in my hoop house

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I moved several trays of seedlings to my hoop house on Monday. This morning they are looking really happy. Having plants in there has made the air nice and humid. I can feel it when I walk in. It’s wonderful. No need to have my heat mats on yet as the nights have been staying around 40F. This weekend will get close to freezing and I’ll get the power on and the mats going then. The plants I put on the hoop house are very cold hardy: lots of onions,…

sowing cabbage-family plants

I sowed a couple trays of Brassicaceae (cabbage-family plants) today. My list of what I planted is at this link. You can also access my planting schedule from the header under “Skippy’s Garden Info”.

onion, herb, and lavender seedlings

I brought all my little seedlings out onto a table for a picture. They are now back under the lights on their shelves. I particularly like the tiny oregano seedlings. I think they are the smallest. They germinated very well and I will have to thin them soon. With seedlings this tiny and close together, I’ll just snip off the seedling at the soil level with some fine scissors.  

my seed planting list for 2020

It’s always so exciting to start planting seeds! One month left to winter (which is a really mild on for us here in southern New England), and my little seedlings are popping up. I’ll continue to add to this post as I plant seeds this season. For some flowers and herbs, I’m listing botanical names. For a few plants, like lavenders and oregano’s, I’m growing several types to compare them and learn about them. Oregano names seem particularly complicated, so I hope I’ve listed them correctly.   February 5 English…

my onions are sown!

I always look forward so much to the first day of planting seeds. For me, that’s TODAY, February 5!! Seeds in the onion family are my the first vegetable to go in. I planted nine 6-packs. I like to grow a lot of onions for myself and I also plant some to give some to my gardener friends. The onion family (Alliaceae) includes onions, leeks, bunching onions, shallots, and others. Varieties I planted this year are: ONIONS: Red Wethersfield, Yankee, Patterson, Bridger, and Cabernet. LEEKS: Bandit. BUNCHING ONIONS: Red Beard.…

herbs on my window sill

These are the herbs I started the day after Thanksgiving, so it’s taken about two months to grow to this size. Cilantro, dill, thyme, and basil. (There’s also a pot of summer savory at the end that I started last summer.) I started these herbs under lights in the garage where its pretty chilly (about 50F). Now that they’re out on the kitchen window sill it’s warmer for them, but there’s not much sunlight coming in through the window yet. Still, I think they’re looking pretty good. The basil has…

black friday seed planting

Everyone’s at the mall and I’m planting seeds! I planted seeds for some herbs that I plan to grow on my kitchen window sill in February and March. I also planted arugula that I plan to grow in the garage under lights to add to our winter salads. I have not planted at this time of year before – so don’t take my word for it that this will work! But I love to experiment. Photo two days later: the arugula is up. Why do I always plant arugula so…