first day of spring

I am celebrating the first day of spring by planting broccoli and ignoring the reports of 8-10 inches of snow for tomorrow.

We’re getting a foot of heavy wet snow tonight. I’ll probably be too busy shoveling to post tomorrow.  I was hoping to plant peas and onion sets outside soon! Maybe it will melt fast….. maybe I’ll start the peas inside….

when to plant vegetable seeds

It’s definitely time to sow seeds now. Here are some suggestions to figure out when is the best time to plant different types of seeds. – Try the iPhone calendar apps I wrote, I use these to plan when to plant: Skippy’s Vegetable Calendar App and Skippy’s Flower and Herb Calendar App. – Or try my old, very simple, and free online planting calendar: Online Vegetable Calendar. – Johnny’s online tool works pretty much the same: Johnny’s planting calculator – The University of Minnesota has a nice page on starting…

planting out extra lettuce

    I had a few 6-packs of lettuce left over that didn’t fit in my tunnel so I set up a second smaller tunnel for it. This little tunnel is just covered with a double layer of row cover fabric. I wonder if it will do OK. It depends on the weather we get.

sowing seeds on a stormy day

It’s pretty stormy here. Our road is blocked at both ends by downed trees and wires and our power has been out all day. In addition to tending my little onion shoots, I planted my next batch of seeds a couple days early: Beets, Boro and Detroit Dark Red Eggplant, Orient Express, Hansel, and Barbarella Basil, Tuscany Marigold, Giant African, Mission Giant Yellow, Tangerine Gem, Gem Mix, Cottage Red Pepper, Highlander, Shishito, Ace, Red Rocket, and Red Ember Snapdragon, Tall Deluxe Mix Chamomile, Common Lemon Mint The rest of my…


I’ve learned a new word. “Up-potting” is when you transplant into a bigger pot. Hmm. I’ve been spending lots of time up-potting recently as a volunteer at the greenhouses at Elm Bank. We’re getting plants ready for the Boston Flower Show, which is only a couple weeks away now (March 14-18).

newly planted seedlings in winter tunnel

I planted my seedlings out into my empty winter tunnel last weekend. They look very happy out there. I have a few more to plant out and will set up another smaller tunnel. But I’m waiting until after The Big Storm coming tomorrow.   Everyone is talking about the Storm here. 2 inches of rain and then 5 inches of heavy wet snow are predicted with high winds and power outages. I’m glad I don’t need to worry about the coastal flooding in my area, because that’s supposed to be…

today’s seed planting

Feb 28, 2018 (indoors under lights)  Cabbage, Red Express and Murdoc Endive, Dubuisson Parsley, Italian Large Flat Leaf Flowers, Stock, Katz Lavender Blue

hardening off seedlings

The seedlings for my winter tunnel have grown really fast. Time to start hardening them off. Today is sunny and 65F (!!) so they are outside on the patio sunning. I am enjoying the air and am working by the open door.   My plan is to harden them off for about a week before transplanting these seedlings into the tunnel soil. I’ll leave them outside 3 hours today and then gradually longer until they are OK staying overnight in the tunnel. If it’s not warm enough outside during the…

asparagus seedlings

My newly sprouted asparagus seedlings look just like tiny asparagus.