when to plant vegetable seeds

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It’s definitely time to sow seeds now. Here are some suggestions to figure out when is the best time to plant different types of seeds.

– Try the iPhone calendar apps I wrote, I use these to plan when to plant: Skippy’s Vegetable Calendar App and Skippy’s Flower and Herb Calendar App.

– Or try my old, very simple, and free online planting calendar: Online Vegetable Calendar.

– Johnny’s online tool works pretty much the same: Johnny’s planting calculator

– The University of Minnesota has a nice page on starting seeds indoors. Some tables too.  So if your climate is similar to theirs, it’s a good resource. UMinn Seed Starting.

– I also like a colorful chart that shows planting and harvesting times: Urban Farmer Seeds chart for USDA zone 6.

Let me know other suggestions!

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