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It was a perfect day for gardening. Even Skippy came out to “help”. I finished up many chores. I squeezed in two rows of romaine lettuce next to the peas, mulched the peppers and garlic, planted another row of dill, a row of soy beans, and a tower of pole beans. (I’ve squeezed things in very close this year.) I moved my two new mint plants from the vegetable garden to a metal tub (my Mom took a look at it in the garden yesterday and said, who would ever…

garden work

Today’s garden work: Add plastic row markers.Plant more carrots (cosmic purple and Oxhart), arugula, dill and radish seeds.Plant parsley plants.Move garlic chives into the garlic area. (I’m moving my herb garden into the vegetable area this year.)Remove black plastic covering from bed #2. Turn on outside water and water newly seeded areas with sprinkler.Bring peppers seedlings outside for the day and back inside at night.Enjoy the sun.

garden work

Another beautiful day. I turned over the soil in bed #3 (from the left). There’s still a good layer of frozen dirt down there at about 6 inches deep.

a sunny day of garden work

What a difference a day makes. We had a lot of sun today and it warmed the midday temperatures to the upper 40s. Skippy and I did several hours of gardening (for Skippy that means sleeping in the sun). I removed some 10 yr old raspberry plants (that didn’t produce much for the last few years) from my first raised bed and prepared the soil for planting peas and lettuce seed. I didn’t get the seeds planted today, but I will very soon. The black plastic mulched bed (bed numer…

spring thaw

The garden is thawing! I went out with my shiny new shovel and checked in a few areas. Some places it goes 2 inches into the mud before it hits the frozen ground underneath. Some places are still ice covered and the shovel doesn’t go in at all. I’m pleased to report that my garlic looks like it has survived the winter. The sprouts are small, but look like they’ll begin growing as soon as they can. I’m planning to put up a low fence around the vegetable garden areas.…

tomatoes, eggplants and garden chores

Today I caught up on alot of gardening work: Finally planted those colorful annuals I bought on Tuesday, trimmed off alot of seed pods and dead growth from the spring flowering plants, especially the lady’s mantle. I fertilized all the vegetables well with Garden-Tone (4-6-6), adding super phosphate (0-20-0) to the fruiting and flowering plants. A special tomato formula for the tomatoes (4-7-10), plus I added extra phosphate hoping to encourage extra blooming and fruiting. The roses got a special formula too (Rose-tone, 6-6-4). Also I put Sevin on the…

my shady urban garden

Even with all my weather complaints, we have had beautiful weather the past two days. 80’s and partly sunny. I was able to catch up with some gardening. Everything has now been fertilized (with GardenTone and I added a bit of super-phosphate to plants that should bloom or fruit and RoseTone on the roses). I cultivated, mulched (with Very Old Maine whatever-it-is) and supported the tomatoes, cukes, squash and basil. I had to replace a few basil plants that I lost to wet rot. I really like the velcro tomato…