tomatoes, eggplants and garden chores

Garden Work, Tomatoes

Today I caught up on alot of gardening work: Finally planted those colorful annuals I bought on Tuesday, trimmed off alot of seed pods and dead growth from the spring flowering plants, especially the lady’s mantle. I fertilized all the vegetables well with Garden-Tone (4-6-6), adding super phosphate (0-20-0) to the fruiting and flowering plants. A special tomato formula for the tomatoes (4-7-10), plus I added extra phosphate hoping to encourage extra blooming and fruiting. The roses got a special formula too (Rose-tone, 6-6-4). Also I put Sevin on the squash and cuke stems (lowest 5 inches)(I know, not good ….). I checked the eggplants for stem-sucking bugs – one little one that I squished. By then the day was pretty hot (90 today in Boston) so I took a break.

topic: eggplant, Solanum lycopersicum

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