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Even with all my weather complaints, we have had beautiful weather the past two days. 80’s and partly sunny. I was able to catch up with some gardening. Everything has now been fertilized (with GardenTone and I added a bit of super-phosphate to plants that should bloom or fruit and RoseTone on the roses). I cultivated, mulched (with Very Old Maine whatever-it-is) and supported the tomatoes, cukes, squash and basil. I had to replace a few basil plants that I lost to wet rot. I really like the velcro tomato ties – quick to apply and they look neat. I put in a few new annual flowers (I’ll post photos soon). And since the vege 6-
packs are now on sale ($1.99!), I got a few of these (celery and jalapeño peppers). I sprayed my cukes and squash stems with Seven, since we have bad borer problems and I gave the roses a light coat of general purpose rose insecticide. I also moved the beets, which didn’t do well, to make room for some bush beans and I planted some pole beans on the trellis next to the peas.

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