My backyard garden on the first day of summer. (The summer solstice 2017 in Northern Hemisphere was at 12:24 AM EST on Wednesday, June 21.)

my garden in the rain – peas, asparagus, and lettuce

The rain is cold and dreary for me, but my plants are enjoying it, it seems. Peas and asparagus are sprouting.   Earlier in the week, I planted a bed with spring greens. I have several colors of lettuce, so I tried to mix it up and make a pretty bed. I hope the pattern will be nice when it grows up. The bed has lettuce, spinach, arugula, kale, escarole, bunching onions, and a few marigolds.       Other things going on in my garden are some nice big…

overwintered vegetables

Charley and I peeked inside my winter tunnel today. I keep thinking I can take of the covers, but night temps will be down in the teens again this week. Maybe next week.

“aerial” garden photo

I was able to get an aerial view of my “new” garden. (Actually not so new any more – this is it’s 4th year.) My husband gave me a beautiful new pruning ladder for Christmas. I was able to place it at the top off the slope to the west of the garden and shoot a photo though the branches. I’d like to follow my garden through the year from one location. I wish I could get up a bit higher, but this is the top of the slope. Not…

my community garden plot today

Charley and I took a quick walk to see how my community garden plot was doing this afternoon. The winter rye cover crop looks good. The salt marsh hay covers my garlic beds. I like the thick branches of my pear trees in the foreground, espaliered along the fence. I’m working on planning what will go into these beds next year.  

a bit of snow on the garden and Charley

Our first snow. It’s just a dusting and expected to turn to rain soon. I don’t have my winter bed covered yet. Soon. Everything in it is OK with the snow and our 30-32 degree temperature today. But at the end of this week it’s going to get really cold. I’ll cover it before that with both layers. Both have survived fine from last year so I will reuse them: a heavy row cover layer (I double it up) and a layer of green house plastic. Charley has his new…

fall garden – photos of my garden this week

Lots of greys in the landscape. Shadows and crispy air. I took the photo above by climbing up on the NW corner of my garden fence. I tried a new angle in the photo below. I climbed up in a large bush on a slope at the NE side of the garden. I couldn’t get all of the branches out of the camera path. They filtered the light and made it glow red in places.

today’s garden work

It seems I should be finishing up with my garden for the season, but I’m hurrying to get my winter crops set. This is what I did in the garden today. – Clean out tomato debris from my winter bed (this bed has hardware cloth dug in 8 inches around the base to deter voles and also has brackets to support the PVC hoops) – Spread compost and manure on winter bed (3 bags Black Earth compost and 2 bags composted manure) and dig it in (I dig it in…