my new sprouter

I got a new sprouter from Amazon. It’s a Gardens Alive 2-tier sprouter, about $15. I really like it. No complaints. Unfortunately it’s not available on Amazon anymore. It seems like there aren’t many (only 1?) sprouters left on Amazon. I also ordered a few mesh lids that you screw onto a Mason jar. I haven’t received them yet.

I used my old mung beans again for the batch I have going now. It looks like they will be ready for our salad tomorrow.

Our salad might end up being just sprouts and carrots since I’m not going into stores if I don’t need to. I have a Spiralizer that works great on carrots. I’ll have to get that out. I’ll be imaginative with our salad until my garden greens get going. (I think I’ll have spinach to harvest in about 1-2 week and lettuce in 3 weeks.) In the meantime,  I’ll make salads from things I have on hand: canned garbanzo beans, onions, cabbage, beets, goat cheese, apples, raisins, lots of carrots, and of course sprouts.

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  • It’s just available under a different name now:

  • What is the advantage of using the “official” sprouter over jars? I used jars a long time ago, and found I just didn’t eat enough of them fast enough to bother with them. Thoughts on jar covers:
    – the cheesecloth should work by using the jar bands instead of rubber bands.
    – plastic mesh used for crafts can be cut to fit the jars
    – mayonnaise jar lids fit wide mouth canning jars, no need to buy the special lids. Then you can drill holes whatever size and number you need. Since they were free, it’s easier to experiment than on lids you pay $ for.

  • These are great ideas!!! I think my first mason jar experiment would have worked much better if I used the jar rings instead of rubber bands. Great. I really like the idea of using plastic mesh. I found the cheese cloth got discolored after one use and I don’t think it could be reused. Plastic mesh or mayonnaise jars (or any other jay with lid that you can punch holes in) would solve this.

    I am using the slotted plastic mason jar covers (that i paid $ for) and they are OK. Pro: they have little legs sticking out on the top of the lid so that when you turn it over they hold the jar off the surface (I put it on a plate) so that the jar drains and gets air. Con: I find that the slots on these lids are small and it takes a while to get water into (and out of) the jar when rinsing.

    I still like the little plastic “official” sprouter I got, though I totally agree it is not necessary. I have added a couple rubber bands to hold the unit together securely and I think it works great. Pros: There is a built in lower level the holds water so you don’t need to put it on a plate. The slots are a perfect size to make rinsing quick but seeds stay in. It has two levels each about twice the size of a mason jar base, so it can grow more sprouts at once. It’s not as tall as a mason jar so it fits on my lower cabinet shelves. Cons: Costs $$. The sprouts grow through the plastic slots so you need to pull them out.


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