my kitchen is filled with projects

My kitchen counter and window sill are lined with my projects. From the near end, I have seed potatoes and a few sweet potatoes sprouting, my sprouter is waiting for it’s next use and there are some seeds for sprouting and microgreens, potted basil and thyme (I just trimmed it for the split pea soup I am making), a tiny egg incubator with 7 chicken eggs that I hope will hatch on April 14, and at the end are my Christmas poinsettias that are still happy and I hate to throw out. Just to the other side of my camera is a giant box full of seed and plant catalogs.

My dining room table is covered with my projects too. Right now it has 7 trays of recently transplanted seedlings. They are mostly eggplants, peppers, calendulas, yarrow, and butterfly milkweed. On the dining room floor I have some pots of ginger root waiting to go down to my hoop house, a box full of pots and trays, and tucked under the counter is a big plastic bucket filled with potting soil.

I wish the TV in the middle of all this wasn’t showing constant corona virus news. I wish I wasn’t hearing about deaths and pain around the world. I wish I could get closer than 6 feet from my mother when I visit her. But I’m very lucky to have a kitchen that I can fill with projects.



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  • I envy your kitchen window sill! And the plants growing in it. I’m planting potatoes this year again, first time in several years. And tomatoes, lots (for me anyway) tomatoes. Assuming plants are to be found. I’m not sure what else, except I know no shelling peas, perhaps some sugar snaps. Your list from a couple of days ago is awesome, makes me tired thinking of doing it all :-), but I suspect lots of people will appreciate your groups efforts.

  • Our temperatures are unusually cold for this time of year in the pacific northwest rarely getting out of the 30’s at night and the days rarely above the 40’s. Like you the windows in my studio are full of baby plants in 2 inch pots and small containers of young seedlings that need to be moved to 2 inch pots. It is too cold to move most things to my cold frame. We are supposed to have a sunny dry week so hopefully it will warm enough so I will be able to transfer things this week and start hardening off the plants and make room for the next batch of seedlings.

  • I’m surprised we are warmer in NE that the PNW. We have been often in the upper 50s by day and nights about 40 F. On a sunny day in my hoop house, 50s outside = 80+ F inside. This morning my thermostat fan/vent wasn’t on, and I walked in to find 100F. I turned it on and watered. I hope the heat-wilted plants recover.

  • I just placed an on-line order for seedlings from the Waltham Fields Community Farm. I was worried my seeds wouldn’t sprout and then I checked them and I have some coming up… so I’ll be sharing with the neighbors!


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