growing sprouts and microgreens

Last week I experimented with growing my own sprouts. I got out two mason jars, some cheese cloth, rubber bands, and some mung bean and radish seeds that I had in the back of the cabinet. I washed the seeds, soaked them for 8 hours, then drained the water and put the jars in a dark cabinet. About three times a day I rinsed the seeds. Five days later, we had some delicious sprouts. Easy.

Now I am going to start up another batch. I went ahead and bought a small sprouter on-line. The mason jars were a bit cumbersome (the rubber bands would come loose). I’ll see if my new sprouter is easier.

I looked around to see what other seeds I have in the kitchen. I found chick peas, chia seed, amaranth, and mustard seeds. Plus, I have my old mung bean and radish seeds. That’s enough for a feast! And. rather than just making sprouts, I’ll try microgreens too. What fun.

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