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I have several projects going on while I am “sheltering in place” from the corona virus outbreak. One is working on my flock of chickens.

I gave away my big black Cochin rooster this morning. He was too big for my coop and my little hens. And too noisy for our neighborhood. I am getting my gardens raked out and mulched tomorrow (if landscape companies are exempt for today’s new ban on non-essential companies) and I will start seeding grass. That big rooster was just too big to stay cooped up inside. I’ve been letting him out almost every afternoon and he makes a mess of the yard. But he sure was handsome! So he has gone to a nice home way out int he country. He’ll have a big coop, a bunch of Buff Orpington hens, and a neighborhood with lots of roosters. I posted him on Craig’s list and got 6 or 8 replies. Once specifically said he wanted him for his freezer if I didn’t mind. I wouldn’t object if I hadn’t kept him as a pet for a year. But Rooster got lucky and is heading out to the country.

I’m also starting up a new project while I am cooped up at home myself. I saved a half dozen fertile chicken eggs and will try to raise some chickens. I would like to see what it’s like to incubate and hatch them. I’ve set up a box with an electric blanket like a set up I saw on line. I’m checking now to see what temperature setting gives me the right temperature. I did my best to pick round and not pointy eggs, which some people claim tend to be hen eggs. Nevertheless, I expect to get a mix of hens and roosters. The Roo’s will go to Craig’s List the minute they crow. I might have room for one more small hen, and I could trade out for one of my current hens, but the others I will give away.


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