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Starting Seeds

first seedling 072
My first sprout is a cute little endive from a seed mix I made. The lights are on and more are popping up fast, oblivious to the outside weather.

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  • What kind of light are you using? Is it a special grow-light.

  • Welcome to the world, little seedling!

  • You will have to let us know if your lights cause a significant spike in your electric bill. I have always wondered how much more electricity it will take to get seeds started since you are supposed to have the lights on for about 14 hours a day.

  • Lights: mine are one tube standard full-spectrum (cheap) bulb and one grow light. Each hanging fixture holds two bulbs and there are two fixture on each shelf.

    Please look at the link for "seedling shelves and lights" on my sidebar and maybe there is more info and photos.

  • I've been reading your blog for a few years now…and I'm always shocked by how early to start your seedlings. I won't be starting any seeds until late March, so I'm glad I can look at your photos and daydream.

  • I am eating one of these…well a different one…right now! As always, I love your photos and subjects.


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