planning garden chores

Garden Work

Buy galvanized metal wire at hardware store for hoops
Find my row cover (in the basement I think)
Find my clover seed
Buy 10 lbs winter rye seed at the hardware store (they sell by the lb)

Home Garden
Clear out cucumber and melon vines from cold frame.
Replace torn cold frame plastic
Attach cold frame covers
Transplant fall seedlings into cold frame
Plant cover crop in beds (under tomato and pepper plants)

Community Plot
Clear out old plants
Plant cover crop
Garlic: Locate new bed, transplant volunteers, figure out how many saved bulbs to plant
Transplant rhubarb to make room for new compost bin
Set up hoops for row covers over fall/winter greens

My Parents’ Garden

Transplant fall seedlings
Set up hoops and row covers over fall/winter greens (they may frost Sat night)
Clear out all old plants
Plant winter rye

I doubt I will get all this done, but I have a plan.

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  • Looks like you are very busy with this garden, I can see you and Skippy really enjoy getting in there and getting dirty, food taste good too I bet?
    From Marty,Karin and the Potted Vegetable Garden

  • It's always good to have a plan! Someday I'll have a plan! : )

  • hm… you keep giving me ideas. Since I planted some stuff, of COURSE a row cover would help tremendously, and a COLD frame would be GENius. hm… I think the trick is you list things in fairly mentally tangible amounts vs. entire gardening book I get overwhelmed. And somehow it makes it easier knowing someone else is forging ahead. Excellent and helpful list! =)

  • What a great planning list, I do love to do my vegetable plot but come nowhere near your with the planning, I knid of just get up in the morning and think "right what shall I do today".


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