this weekend’s tasks

Garden Work, Garlic

Not much garden work left for this weekend.

One last bed to clear out.
Print and post fall/winter information notice on bulletin board at community gardens.
Garlic: Locate new bed, transplant volunteers, figure out how many saved bulbs to plant and plant them. My son wants to help – he wants to earn $$ for some project of his. I love to have his help.

I meant to plant garlic a couple weeks ago, but didn’t get it gone. The garlic planting time is pretty flexible. I’m looking forward to this!

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  • I just planted garlic. I can't wait until spring to see what develops.

  • you're such a hard working girl. . I like that because you enjoyed the things that you have but don't forget to rest. Me has a garden too, healthy tomatoes.

  • I just planted my garlic this past week and for the first time I actually measured the spacing between the bulbs/rows. Is it spring yet?

  • I got 40 cloves of garlic planted today! Actually my son planted it. Think I need more, but need to go back and see how many I planted last year to figure out how much more to plant now.

    I'm very happy to be planting cloves I grew. Free!


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