UPS delivery – two big boxes!


The other day I got an email from Chris at Organic Compost Tumbler. “You may have seen our tumbler reviewed on other blogs, …. so, do you want one?” Wow! Do I ever! How fun to review a garden product.

The boxes arrived. Two big ones. Last weekend we assembled it. I’ll post the photos soon.

In the meantime, here’s Carol’s review of this compost tumbler at May Dreams Gardens.

And here’s a quote from the tumbler seller’s site “…in Winter you can move it and put it by your back door so you do not have a long trek to recycle your kitchen scraps in your composter, and lets face, it, the easier it is to get the scraps to the composter, the higher likelihood that you’ll do it, even on those really cold days.” Well, I have this problem even in the summer. And the site says it makes “finished compost in as little as 2 weeks”. Wow! I’m looking forward to trying out this tumbler.

My thought is I’ll put my kitchen waste in this new tumbler for quick high quality compost and continue to use my big old bins (which are falling apart now) for composting leaves and large garden waste.

my bins and systems for composting compost

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  • That is a pretty nice gift! Can't wait to watch its progress. Makes me realize I need to turn my big hulk of a compost bin. It would certainly be a lot easier to tumble.

  • OK… I just want one! No… I want two!!!

    Greetings from Wyoming!

    I'm originally from the Boston area… grew up in Malden… then bought our first home in Melrose (loved that town!). Only been in Wyoming 5 years.

  • Very much looking forward to your review of it. I've always wanted to try a tumbling composter but I'm not sold that they are the way to go and they are too pricey to buy without a good idea of their worth.

  • I feel the same as Impatient Gardener – I am definately in the market for a tumbler because it is probably the only way I will be able to keep the poison ivy out of my compost but they are expensive and I want to be sure I buy the one that will work for me. . . so please, post a review! I will be very curious if you really DO see compost in as little as two weeks.

    Karen in DE

  • Marian(LondonUK)
    June 10, 2009 7:12 PM

    Hey have you reached gardening royalty! I have seen these and and would love one with the thought of their ease in compost making. But they are around £165 here, and given that in the past couple of weeks some horrid, unthoughtful people have taken to raiding our allotments for tools, chairs and whatever else to take and sell … not at the moment I think. We despair why others cannot see the joy and work that goes on at our site, what has happened to respect and honesty in our community I ask!

  • Cathy … as a long time owner of a tumbler composter let me suggest a few points for you to check out when testing this new one. The first is how much stuff can you put in it? Most hold very little which affects the ability of the stuff to maintain heat and humidity. Secondly, can you tumble it without the contents clumping into a ball? How hard is it to maintain the moisture balance necessary without water logging it? How much cellulose does it require to not clump and what does that do to the volume of garden/kitchen stuff you can put into it? What happens when it gets cold? Is there enough mass inside the composter to keep up heat or does it just get cold and stop working? If it gets cold, can you move it to the basement and how does it work then?

    Good luck with the audition for Consumer Reports.

  • Congrats on the compost tumbler. I think you will like it. I've got a load of compost to dump out of mine, and then I'll refill it and start the process all over again.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  • I'm excited to see your review! I'd love to compost, but my wife hates the idea of a pile of stuff rotting in the back yard. This would be perfect for us.

  • Congratulation for the provider,you have a very informative blog. Keep it up!


  • It has been awhile since you got your Urban Compost Tumbler and was wondering how it has worked for you. I wrote a piece on “Compost Bins and Tumblers do not work!” and not to waste your money on them unless you know why. You may or may not find it interesting.

  • Thanks Lloyd,

    I have not done well with it – I'm sure due to a lack of knowledge on how to use it – and a lack of time to find and read the right sources.

    But this year I am planning to move my composer into my community plot where it will be in full sun. I have a spot marked out on my garden plan already. I will have more brown matter there and will be reminded to turn it more often. For the past 2 years its been looking great tucked in a shady corner in my back yard and receiving too much kitchen scraps and too little turning.

    Thanks for the reading material! It looks very helpful.


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