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These are growing well in the cool weather. I’m hoping to harvest a bunch for a BBQ this Friday. It’ll be one of my first harvests. I’m looking forward to grilled bok choy. I’m glad to have some garden produce for the guests who are coming. I think I’ll have my first lettuce ready too and some garlic scapes.

This bok choy is the same variety Dan is growing this year and he warned that they are a baby variety and can bolt fast. I don’t know how big I can let them get.

A couple weeks ago, these bok choy were growing in my home garden with my broccoli and both were being eaten by slugs under row covers. Not knowing what else to do, I moved both to my community plot. Both are doing well now – growing fast and getting no more bug damage. The broccoli was more heavily damaged, but its growing good too. Its nice of have the option of moving plants when you don’t know what else to do. I squeezed them into my asparagus bed.

surprise seeds from Dan


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  • Your plants are coming along nicely. I think mine bolted because I left them in to long. Daphne was telling me that after 40-45 days the asian green will bolt. I don't think I have shared the variety name so the are 'Bonsai F1' and are from Johnny's. They describe them as a 6" high plant with days to maturity or bloom of 40 days.

    I think I am going to direct sow some today and hope for a harvest before it gets really warm this summer.

  • I had problems with slugs in the past, but there is an easy solution. Half-fill a small bowl with beer and leave it out overnight. In the morning it will be full of drowned slugs.

  • How do you grill bok choi? I have a lot of tatsoi this year and it's similar…

  • i have some burpee seed here, and one peat pot growing with 3-4 seedlings. should i plant the whole thing or do i need to think it to 1 seedling?

    i cant tell whether this plant is like a tomatoe in that it has one primary stalk/seed starter, or like lettuce which has many.



  • You are so lucky that you have bok choy! I sowed seed twice! TWICE!!! The voles got one sowing, and the slugs got to the other. The 3 plants that didn't totally die off bolted when the plants were tiny tiny tiny!!

  • Hi,
    I have just put in a raised bed for vegetables so this will be my first harvest. I live in an area heavy with slugs and snails but I have found a way to keep them off the plants. I use crushed egg shells and sprinkle them around any plant that is showing signs of damage. It has stopped the slugs, snails and even the cut worms I was having problems with.
    To get the shells I needed, I called a local restaurant that does a large Sunday brunch and they saved all the shells for me… one brunch produced a 10 gallon bucket of shells. I gave the cook some of the fresh herbs from my garden as a thank you.
    The crushed shells not only keep slithering pests off your plants but as they break down they add calcium to your soil that is needed by some of the plants.
    My Bok Choy is almost ready to harvest so I really appreciate the information in this posting.


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