plot selection day is coming soon

This Saturday is plot selection day at our community garden! I remember what a big day this was for me last year. This year, I’ll be picking a plot, but not for me. Two new gardeners are getting married on the same day and I’ll pick for them. They’re so excited to get their plot that it will be really fun.

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  • I went back and looked at your old posts from last year and saw how excited you were. I wanted to make sure we weren’t so crazy. Thanks for doing this for us! We can’t wait to hear which one we get, and are taking graph paper on the trip with us! It’s going to be a long, veggie filled car ride. 🙂

    You asked what we’re planting, here’s the selection if I didn’t send it to you before:

    Thanks again! It’s a big day all around!

  • hey,

    that’s so generous of you! i’m really enjoying your blog this year and looking forward to when you can plant outdoors again! we are already in the thick of the growing season here in england – it’s been warm spring planting weather for a few weeks and the last possibility of frost in only a few weeks away. i have potatoes, onions, garlic, peas and carrots going already really exciting! i’m not so disciplined as you though with daily posts. keep up the great work!


  • So once you pick your plot do you keep the same one from year to year? Or do you have to start over year to year? I think tax day is the last frost here and my sister has a tiller. I can’t wait!


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