red undersides of thyme
thyme leaves thyme

I planted a variety called German Winter thyme just over a month ago, on Feb 21. I am really pleased with how well its growing.

Its is nicely aromatic already. The leaf undersides are deep red and the tops are silvery/blue. I was interested to see the pores in the macro photos, which I can’t see with my eyes.

Thyme is such a versatile herb. It goes with every food, I think. And I love the inevitable (and thymely) puns.

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  • I love it too, it goes so well with just about everything. I use it in my BBQ rub. I have yet to try to grow it myself though. Looks like we will try to get a garden in this year after all. Maybe we will plant some Thyme. My wife said she will have Thyme to tend it. 🙂

  • I never seem to have enough thyme!

  • I love thyme, it is one of my favorite herbs. I let one plant seed last summer and now I have baby thyme plants all over the garden. They smell so wonderful!

  • I agree, thyme is my favorite herb. My gardens are filled with all different kinds. I don’t think I have this king though. What a lovely photo.

  • The aromatic herbs are delightful! I’m still trying to figure out where to plant my thyme. Though I must admit I find myself sniffing the tomato seedlings the most. ;^)

  • Another tomato plant sniffer!

    I’m really hoping this thyme will be a perennial in my garden. I’ve bought so many that don’t survive the winter.

  • The thyme looks great. Who needs grocery store herbs in the winter when you can grow such nice plants inside. I just ordered a bunch of herb seeds. They are going to be started a little late but I just could not resist after seeing your lovely basil cotyledon leaves.

    What length is your macro lens? I have been thinking about getting one this spring. I can manage to fake macro pictures with the 18-55mm lens but it is a bit of a pain.

  • Beautiful pix! My dogs would love to eat it all!


  • Urban Food Gardening Questionnaire

    Dear Fellow Gardener,

    I am a final year Industrial Design student at UTS, Sydney and I am conducting research for an assignment. The purpose of this research is to help me acquire the necessary information for a research report into Urban Food Gardening.

    If you live in an urban area and grow your own food please take a couple of minutes to fill out this survey (10 questions)

    Many thanks

  • HI Alanna,

    I just took your survey. I hope your report goes well!

  • Beautiful pix and lovely dog!

  • I wonder if I show my thyme your pictures if it’ll grow better? They are not wanting to grow nearly as well and I planted them only a little later then you! I love thyme too, I hope it takes off =)

  • I have many many thyme seedlings growing. It was good practice for the students who are learning how to handle seedlings. Thyme has become a favored herb for me too.


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