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Anne Marie's seeds gift bag

This week I gave Anne Marie a bag of supplies to start a patio garden with her young daughters. It was really nice to have so many suggestions last week on what to include (link) – though if I included everything, she would have needed an acre of patio space!

In the bag was:
A planter pot (for lettuce and/or radish seeds), a bag of potting soil, compressed peat pots, wood plant labels, and a marking pen.
Also, seeds for lettuce (mesclun gourmet baby greens from Botanical Interests), radish (Cherry Belle BI), Burpee cucumbers (Sweet Burpless), Sungold cherry tomatoes (Reimer Seeds) and nasturtiums (Burpee jewel mix).
Also a print out of all the suggestions everyone gave me and a list of planting instructions that I think the kids can help to read.
I’m hoping these seeds grow and produce delicious and beautiful fruits and flowers. And lots of enjoyment.

pot and seeds for a friend

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