April rain

drop on stem drops on fence
tree blossom drops tiny drops

Skippy got way ahead of me on our walk today. I was taking pictures of raindrops. No shortage of raindrops this week. Also lots of little buds. Leaf buds and flower buds.

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  • Wow! This is amazing! I have seen a big increase in the people visiting this site. A year ago, there were mostly about 4 people each time. Now it’s around 10!

  • Beautiful pictures! I especially like the one on the bottom right. Gorgeous.

  • Beautiful photos!

  • All very unique and beautiful photos, and I wonder if there was a way to determine a person’s personality based on what picture they thought best. Interesting thought anyway, and I like the one on the top right!

  • Those photos are so beautiful. Yay for spring!

  • You could sell photos like these! It’s been a frustrating gardening week here because of all the rain. It looks like you found a good way to take advantage of it.

  • Gee, my favorite by far is the top left and no one else picked that one.

    I keep looking for a photo that would look good framed on my wall. My photos aren’t really interesting enough to stand alone. But maybe a set of four together would work. Anyway, I’m still looking for one to enlarge for my dining room wall.

    I have sold a couple photos. A very boring picture of salt marsh hay for a Better Homes and Gardens book on gardening. And a very beautiful photo of a tomato to a new seed company. But I don’t think I’ll quit my day job yet.

  • I love these photos as a series! They’re perfect together and would look beautiful framed on a wall!

    (Been reading your blog for a while now and really enjoy it. These photos required a comment!)

  • Kathy, these are awesome. Makes me want to go out and buy a raincoat for my camera.


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