BVG plot assignment day

News for Belmont Victory Gardeners: A date has been set for the Plot Assignments and Garden Clean Up. Saturday, APRIL 4. Mark your calenders. (so exciting!!!)

Its a little earlier than usual this year. New gardeners will be able to get an early start on their spring plating.

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  • Too bad they don’t do it even earlier. Pea planting time is in late March, and if you want to grow things from seed, a bit of warning is useful.

  • Last year I asked to get a new plot assignment in October, as this seemed to me like a good time to start a garden. After all, one needs to test and amend soil, maybe put up fencing, plan and buy seeds start plants, etc.

    I think the timing is more for the garden clean up day. April is a perfect time for this because the weather has warmed up, snow is gone, and the weeds have not yet taken over. We plan a big Kick-Off day. Last year had at least 50 volunteers helping to clear out brush and trash. This year we hope to clear a new area to use for garden events.

    Garden plot assignment is done with everyone present who wants a new plot. First choice goes to those who already have gardens and want to move to a new plot. Then new gardeners pick according to the order they sent in requests.

    When I got my new plot last April, I already had favas beans sprouted outside at home. These transplanted well in early May. And I had lots of seedlings growing inside. I just assumed I’d get a plot of about 15 by 20 sq ft. I finally moved my garlic over to my plot this fall.

    It’s hard to set a date when one year’s garden ends and the next year’s begins.

  • ARRRRGGGH noooooooooooooooooooo!

    That’s our wedding day 🙁 I was able to fudge the honeymoon to come back a day early in hopes it would be the 11th, but the 4th…

    Well, at least I have time to figure something out. Thanks for posting the date.

  • I have been reading your blog for about a year now and love it. I’ve learned alot from looking at your pictures and applying what I saw to my garden. Thanx! I’m originaly from Western Mass but live in Florida now. So I wanted to start my first garden, and did, back in April 2008. Since I live in Florida I was able to start a fall garden as well. One problem I’ve had is that most of the good garden blogs are from up north and being that we in Florida have a unique growing season I decided to follow in your footsteps again and start a blog. I hope it will help others in the South! I just sarted it yesterday and posted a picture of some Winter tomatoes I just picked. (yeah i’ve used the tepee technique) Check them out….and try not to lust:

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  • conservativegardner, Thanks for the link. I’d sure like to be in FL about now!

    Jennifer, April 4 sounds like a great day for a wedding! Let me know if I can help in picking your plot. I’ll keep you posted if anything changes.

  • I may have to take you up on that! As many of the people that might proxy for us will be at the wedding too! We’re going to write to them and see what they have to say. We’ve waited so long for a plot and don’t want to miss out!


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