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On the 15th of each month (GBBD) many gardeners post photos of what’s blooming in their garden. I usually forget but remembered this month. – of all times(!) Temps are single digits, newscasters are warning not to go out. And nothing’s blooming out there anyway. The only thing left in my vegetable garden is a patch of kale. Everything’s under a foot of snow.

So I’m posting flowers I photographed from last year’s garden. This, as I stay warm and order next year’s flower seeds.


These are vegetable flowers, companions, or flowers I grow to attract bees.

The big sunflower was 15 inches across. Its a variety called Lyng’s Greystripe from Johnny’s. Its the biggest variety I can find and I’ll grow this one again this year. I grew anise hyssop from seed last year for the bees. This perennial did well and I think I’ll grow some lavender and hollyhocks this year.

And I’ll grow the basic vegetable companions, nasturtiums, marigolds and zinnias again. I’ll order several varieties of marigolds. Big ones to mix with my potatoes and small ones with the root vegetables. I’d like to grow Tiger Eyes and Burpee’s new giant French marigold, FireBall. Nasturtiums go with my squashes. I like the dark orange I had this year, but will add other colors this year. Probably Johnny’s Night and Day mix and Peach Melba. The zinnias attract the bees and add color. I can’t decide whether to get only bright purple or the mix. Decisions, decisions….

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  • The colour of your photos is so rich and vibrant, what kind of camera do you use?

  • Such beauties! You’ve inspired me to maybe post my own blooms on the 15th- how does it all work? Maybe I’ll start next month, I’m sure everyone doesn’t need to see the one bloom of the pansy in the greenhouse…again! 🙂

  • Hi Kathy lovely collage, I made one over what I’m going to plant and you made one over what you already have planted. It gives you a great general view doesn’t it. Great work.
    Have you started with your seed?

    Take care


  • Beautiful flowers. Maybe next month I’ll have to try a flower retrospective from last year. I’m sure in February we won’t have flowers here either.

  • Yes, even veggies have lovely blooms. That’s very beautiful, Kathy.

  • Hi Skippy,

    I really enjoy reading about your blog and refer to it somewhat often in my own garden blog.

    Have you been by Gardens 'n' Gardening?

    I'm the editor at Washington Home & Garden and was hoping to get in touch with you to see how we can work together as garden bloggers. You can reach me from the website.

    Thanks! 🙂

  • PS. Not reading about your blog, just reading your blog. :-/

  • HI Nikki, I’ll head right over and check yours out. Thanks.

    Carol’s blog a May Dreams Gardens has all the info on GBBD. Just post your blooms and leave her a comment on her bloom day post. I think she links to everyone one her page. Its very fun.

    Stewart, I use a Canon Digital SLR Rebel XTi. I love it. Its a good size and weight for my hand, very sturdy and great photos. I have an all purpose portrait-zoom lens and a nice macro lens. I take the camera everywhere with me. Plus I almost always “correct” my photos with Photoshop.

    Tyra, I’m looking forward to checking your collage soon. I’ll start planting March 5 (48 days – but who’s counting). Then again, maybe I won’t be able to wait so long and will move the date up.

  • So wonderful to be able to review what you were growing last Summer, particularly now when it is drab and gray. I am going to be concentrating on flowers to attract the bees this Summer – they need all the help they can get!

  • Thanks for the info on the camera Kathy and Skippy, I’ve looked it up and it looks like good camera, if I’m a good boy all year Santa might bring me one for Christmas 🙂

  • Good luck Stewart. Thanks sounds like an awfully long time to be good…

    By the way your photos look super. I linked to your blog so I can keep up with you.

  • Talked to my Aunt back home in Montague, MA and she said it was going to be -5 tonight! The thing is……I miss it! It's going to be 25 here in Ocala, FL tomorrow & I wish it would stay that way for a while. (Although I probably wouldn't have a winter garden too long!)

  • Such beautiful pictures! Just what I needed on this freezing cold day!

    P.S. I’d go with the mix. I love not knowing what color the flowers will be until they finally open up. I love the drama and the surprise! Maybe I am a total geek, but I love to check on them every day… “Oo wait, I see pink! No it’s purple!!”

    Hope you stay warm!

  • At the last minute I went ahead and ordered just the purple zinnias. How can anyone have one favorite color zinnia? You’re right about the excitement of watching for the color. But I did order the nasturtium mix.

  • I love garden blogger bloom day. Lovely post.

  • Those are great pictures. I’m working to add more flowers to my vegetable garden, too. I think I might try that gigantic sunflower for fun.

    Thanks for joining in for bloom day!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  • Gorgeous flower pics and a real treat for the eyes!

  • Pictures like this make me mad at the hungry snails we have in the Bay Area! Beautiful happy blooms.


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