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Well I suppose it wouldn’t be a true New England winter experience without your basic winter cold. Thank goodness that’s out of the way now. But today, as I got outside to walk Skippy for the first time since I posted my smiling face last week, I felt a bit like a groundhog emerging from hibernation. The sun has gotten noticeably brighter and most of our snow has melted with the heavy rain last night.

Its nice to welcome in February. We’re that much closer to spring planting. I look forward to watching the pea planting season move from south to north and gradually up closer to me. One of the fun things about reading garden blogs.

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  • That is true about garden blogs, you can see the seasons getting closer, as you read one blog, then another further north, about planting peas or whatever spring crops they put out.

    Being sick is no fun. So far, I’ve avoided that winter cold.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  • Glad you are out and about and feeling better! It was fun to see a photo of you.
    Yes, the days are getting longer! It has been a long winter here…getting more snow today. I just cataloged and re-organized my seeds and will do some seed trading (on Gardenweb) and also some more winter sowing this week.

  • Today after work, I plan on going to my garden center and get my pea seeds. Two years ago, I planted a variety called “Alaska”, which is cold hardy and liked the taste and also the productivity on the vines. I am searching for that again, and might even plant this weekend. The “rule or thumb” here is that they can go in near Valentine’s Day, so I will give it a try.

    Janet in Chincoteague Island, Va


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