dull, dark and snowy

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field barrow
Skip and I took a walk through the community gardens today. I thought I’d take some pretty garden photos, but no such luck. Its still dull, dark and snowy. Seems to be some real nice garlic in one garden. Idle tools in others. All the plots are still sleeping.

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  • Wow. Is that your community garden? Not sure what I expected. Ours has lots of fences and raised plots and structures. Yours looks like a huge paddock. How do people define plots? Do you need to fence it from the outside world? And of course – Snow – so strange for us. We complain about our Australian winter but really….it is very mild. Thanks for the photos. It reminds me I must get my winter crops in.

  • That’s a field off to the side of the gardens. Here’s our community garden. Like you say, lots of fences.


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