kathy in a hat
I don’t usually post a photo that someone else has taken. In fact, I don’t think I have ever posted a photo that I did not take. But why not a first. My husband took this picture of me.

Garden Rant recently asked what we gardeners are doing with ourselves in the off season (their post is titled “Substitutes“). Here, I’m doing my only outdoor winter activity. The daily dog-walk. At least this gets me out. Today we have light snow. A few inches of very light fluffy whiteness. The spring garden seems pretty far off.

photos of Kathy

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  • Hey…nice to see Skippy’s caretaker! What at nice team you two make.

  • I recognize the genepool you’re from! You look great, and that’s a nice picture. It’s nice to be able to match a face with the blog. Thanks for posting the picture.

  • I agree with you about dog walking! A wonderful activity in the Winter, especially when you are wrapped up warm and the sun is shining! Love to Skippy xx

  • In this off-season, this gardener is looking at her garden and wishing that she had cleared it out at the end of last fall. Now, it’s a bit chilly to do, but I will have to clear it out at some point before the middle or end of February, when I should be able to sow my spring peas here in coastal VA.

  • Nice to see your smiling face! Does your hat match Skippy’s coat?

  • It’s nice to put a face with the blog! Thanks for posting your picture, so we know who Skippy has been helping all this time.

  • Yes that’s me. The hat is pretty similar to Skippy’s winter coat. Such a team…

    I’m the same about wishing I’d cleaned the garden (and my yard) better last fall. But the snow here came so early. Most of the yards here are same, with piles of old leaves and garden debris looking ratty as the snow melts. But too muddy and frozen below to clean up now.


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