garden yield so far


I was asked how much my little garden produces. Here’s my estimate of what I’ve harvested so this year:

about 50 awesome tomatoes
60 large servings of lettuce and arugula
20 cucumbers
20 summer squash (zucchini, yellow and sunburst)
10 chile peppers
8 cups sugar snap peas
2 cups shelled green peas
2 cups shelled Capucijner soup peas, dried
1 garbage bag of basil (1 half gallon / 8 cups pesto)
10 little potatoes
5 cups of green beans
5 cups of soy beans in shells
4 small eggplants
20 tiny carrots
4 servings beet greens
10 small garlic heads
10 small purple onions
5 servings broccoli
herbs: oregano, dill, thyme, cilantro, parsley

Throughout September, I expect to have lots more tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash, eggpants, chile peppers, potatoes, carrots and green beans. My fall crops will include lettuce, arugula, endive, broccoli, radish, peas, pinto beans, beets, pumpkins, gourds, swiss chard and kale. I hope my gardening season will continue into December as it did last year (with kale, lettuce and endive under covers).

I added extra garden space this year by taking out a large shrub. My total space is now about 260 square feet (five 3.7x9ft raised beds and 14×7 ft extra against the house).


(It helps to have a gnome working in the garden.)

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  • ok, you have entirely too much “garden energy.” I would have guessed that you are either 18 yrs old or do not have any kids! Anyway, I may try a very small fall crop next year and have always wanted to try broc. It gets hot quickly here in northern NM (no real spring to speak of)and people have problems with it “bolting” so I never bothered … but may try fall. Let us know.

    As for “records” I have recently started to track first harvest and quantity vs. time for those that I get “nervous” about (tomatoes and chiles). Am curios to see if it helps predict when the harvest will start or what is a bad year.

  • Scott – it really doesn’t take much energy to grow a little backyard garden. If I added up the hours, it wouldn’t be very many at all.

    Mostly, its just that I’ve been doing this a while now. I’ve been growing backyard vegetables since I was 15. Its something I really enjoy.

    I’m an old lady with a kid and a dog and a husband. But I do work part time, at home, so I can take my lunch break in the garden or on my blog.

    I should go out an check on my broccoli today! Good luck with yours.


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