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bowl full grilling
grilled vegetables
Last evening we had a little party to celebrate my birthday. I have been admiring my big bowl full of freshly harvest garden vegetables all day. An unusually good harvest for me. Truly a bountiful year! A selection of these was roasted to perfection on the grill. We especially enjoyed the whole grill chiles. Small bites – nice and hot! To finish, rich chocolate cake decorated with oregano flowers.

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  • What a perfect birthday meal! I just wish mine wasn’t in November . . . .

    Happy Birthday!

  • A perfect birthday dinner. Congratlutions. I enjoyed visiting your blog.

  • Wow, it’s 9 am. but after looking at this I’m starving. It looks so gooood, just the way I like it! Perfect

  • Very nice, it looks delicious! Happy birthday!

  • Looks wonderful, and very healthy. Happy Birthday! Did Skippy get any leftovers?

  • What a great birthday treat. The veggies and cake all look delicious and so does Skippy’s garden.

  • Thanks for all the happy Birthday wishes!

    I like it when a meal is almost all locally grown. Except for the meat, all the veggies on the grill were from my garden (except for the Georgia onions).

    I tried to get lobster for this meal, but my store didn’t have any, so we made a quick switch to beef and crab.

    Skippy probably didn’t get any leftovers from this meal. He can’t eat beef (though he would like to, it doesn’t agree with him) and he doesn’t like seafood or veggies. There was probably some chicken thighs somewhere on the grill, which was Skippy’s meal. His current diet is about half cooked chicken and half Innova Evo dog food (he’s allergic to all grains). His favorite meal is probably when I cook a whole chicken (or other poultry) because then he does get lots of leftovers. Yummy.


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