an eggplant that was

My Mom saw this eggplant in my garden this evening and asked if she could pick it for our dinner. Sometimes I think things look too nice to pick. But what can you say to your mother? It was very nice grilled.

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  • Mine are just about ready too! I never know what to do with them because they are so tasteless. I think I will make a Moussaka.

  • Moussaka sounds great.

  • I had 3 eggplant plants this year. I had 1 dancer and 2 ichiban. I was very pleased with their production. They just kept producing. The only problem was…eggplant disgusts me. I had never really eaten them before so I decided to grow them and try them for myself. However, no matter how I cooked them I couldn't get over the texture. Oh well, the produced great, just not the veggie for me.


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