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garden downy close squirrel
Here’s who’s in my garden these days. Lots of birds – mostly sparrows, cardinals, chickadees and titmice. I was surprised to spot a downy woodpecker on my big old pumpkin vine. These guys are great helpers with the insect control.

The problem critter is that cute squirrel. He’s increased his digging now that its fall. He rearranges my lettuce seedlings and digs up the larger seeds and bulbs. Sometimes I cover newly planted areas (especially crocus bulbs) with chicken wire to keep him away.


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  • How did you get him to stay still. I made some rather pathetic attempts at squirrel photography a while back, and ended up with a collection of photos of a disappearing tail ….

  • It was a lucky shot. I usually photograph birds and squirrels around my house from inside through an open window or door, so they don’t see me. For this one, I was inside my kitchen door, with the door open a crack and watching him eat grapes 30 feet from me. When I made a noise, he stared at me a second and then ran. I had the camera mode on action and the shot came out mostly in focus. The birds I photographed from an open window.


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