window views

My gardens from the coolness of the indoor AC. Its been hot out there. I like the way the camera caught the screen on the vege garden picture. The top pic is my dishwashing view, the other two are the diningroom.

garden blogs newspaper article

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I saw in Garden Voices that the San Francisco Chronicle had an article last Saturday on Gardening Blogs. Though they failed to list the outstanding (ha!) blog you are now reading, they do list a bunch of Californian ones. Full article is at They point out that “Roughly 37 million blogs existed as of May 1 (Wow!), with 376 gardening blogs.” I’m surprised there are only 376 gardening blogs. (I hope they found mine! – But I guess it didn’t start ’til mid-May.)


Looks good enough to eat. This will be the first thing we harvest from the garden this year. More rabbit food for the salad bowl…. Lactuca sativa

baby birds

I just got some new photos of the baby birds (robins top, catbirds bottom). My dad took these pictures. They look pretty cozy in there – not much extra space. I think its about time to fledge.

summer solstice

Summer solstice, first day of summer, longest day of the year, last day of school. My garden is celebrating! In Massachusetts, we have 15:17 hours of sunlight today (sunrise 5:07, sunset 8:24). Maybe it’s a good day to get a lot of work done. Or a day to just hang out and enjoy the sun.

straw foxglove

Bee (Species Anthidium manicatum – Wool Carder Bee, female) enjoying foxglove (Digitalis lutea).

orange lily

The tiger lily (lilium, Asiatic) opened it blossoms for the first time this morning. They are shiny and new looking. Amazing how they were closed buds just yesterday, now this morning beautiful blooms.

tomato flowers

Tomatoes are blooming! I found a website that says “It takes about 30 days from the time the tomatoes bloom until fruit is full-sized and ready to start ripening”. I’ll be looking for fruit on July 20! Nothing like fresh tomoatoes. These blossums are my Supersonics. The Early Girls are in bloom, too. Solanum lycopersicum

nesting birds

Here are photos of the baby birds in my parents’ yard. The top two pictures are the four baby catbirds. Lower picture is the three baby robins.

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This is a journal of my vegetable gardens. Skippy thinks the garden is his, even though I do all the work. We're located near Boston, in USDA zone 6. I have bees, chickens, fruit trees and berry bushes, too. I use all sustainable organic methods and strive to grow all of my family's vegetables myself. -Kathy

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