Dad’s garden

I’ve been spending some time with my parents. Today I planted: Potatoes, Red Gold, 5 ft row Potatoes, Fingerling, 5 ft row Potatoes, Russet, 5 ft row Dill, 5 ft row garlic transplants, 8 ft row Dad’s peas are up 2 inches now. Lots of them. Lettuce and beets from direct seedings too. My dad likes rows really straight. I planted 2 rows for him and did my best. The kids from next door ran over and helped lay out the spuds. They gave them names and said they will…

my dad’s garden is ready to go

My dad moved his garden a little this year, 3 feet away from the trees that are growing taller at the right. In the foreground he has already planted a few rows – peas and lettuce. The deer fence isn’t up yet, though I suppose that will come soon. The deer have been eating lots of tulips and iris around their yard. Its hard to defend the sprouts again these big hungry animals. I’m planing to plant some popcorn and maybe potatoes and broccoli at the far side of the…

my dad’s gardens

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I spent last weekend with my parents. One of my favorite things to do is wander through their gardens and see what’s growing. My buddy Skippy likes hanging out here too.

gift plants

These are plants my sister and I potted up and gave to my parents for their vegetable garden. I was pleased with how nice they look. Almost like store bought! (I grew them all from seed.) They’re a little wilty here because we forgot to water them, but they perked up very well. My dad planted them in his garden immediately when he got home. Nice straight rows. They look great! The box includes 6 winterbor kale, 6 tuscan kale, 6 red russian kale, 12 broccoli, 6 garlic, 6 red…

my parents’ garden

These are some scenes from my parents’ garden. Its mid July and the perennials are at their of color and the yard is full of flowers and bees and sunshine.

Dad’s garden

My dad’s garden is flooded. I’m glad I’m up on a hill and don’t have water problems like him. We’ve gotten about 5 inches of rain this week from a big Nor’easter that came up the coast. My dad planted his peas and some lettuce a couple weeks ago, but, like me, no sprouts yet. my dad’s garden

my dad’s garden

I photographed my dad’s garden in the heat of the day yesterday. Even so, it looks great. Lots of lettuce in straight rows. He’ll be harvesting the beans soon. And there’s a great squash (8-ball zucchini) ready for harvest. He also has rhubarb, basil, tomatoes and beets. (Did I forget anything, Dad?). He’s in northeastern Massachusetts – zone 5b.

more Memorial Day flowers

These are more photos from my parents’ garden. Buttercups (Ranunculus spp.), creeping veronica (Veronica umbrosa) and ajuga (Ajuga reptans ‘Atropurpurea’) grow at the edge of the woods. Their vegetable garden is protected by five-foot high deer fence.

Memorial Day flowers

A post for Memorial Day. These photos are from a visit to Mom and Dad’s house. In their flower border, the columbine is in full bloom. Iris and poppies are fully budded. In their lawn, the mower has left tall patches of buttercups and ajuga covered with honey bees. Dad has planted the tomatoes, basil, pumpkins, peas, cukes, beets, spinach, etc. in his vegetable garden. Best of all are all the nesting birds. Wrens are nesting in the house at the edge of the yard, chickadees in the green birdhouse,…