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These are plants my sister and I potted up and gave to my parents for their vegetable garden. I was pleased with how nice they look. Almost like store bought! (I grew them all from seed.) They’re a little wilty here because we forgot to water them, but they perked up very well. My dad planted them in his garden immediately when he got home. Nice straight rows. They look great!

The box includes 6 winterbor kale, 6 tuscan kale, 6 red russian kale, 12 broccoli, 6 garlic, 6 red lettuce (mervelle de 4 seasons) and 6 green lettuce (escarole blonde).

garden gifts

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  • The gift plants are better than store bought.
    Thanks for the gorgeous photos
    How are you going to eat all your vegies?

  • I eat the veggies mostly fresh or grilled. I’ll post photos. I’m going the have to experiment with the kale.

  • You would love the container garden information I found. Your seed planted plants look every bit as nice as store bought— check it out!


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