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dad's garden

My dad moved his garden a little this year, 3 feet away from the trees that are growing taller at the right. In the foreground he has already planted a few rows – peas and lettuce.

The deer fence isn’t up yet, though I suppose that will come soon. The deer have been eating lots of tulips and iris around their yard. Its hard to defend the sprouts again these big hungry animals.

I’m planing to plant some popcorn and maybe potatoes and broccoli at the far side of the garden. My dad thinks he’ll have some extra space.

my dad’s garden

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  • Love your blog! I’ve been reading it since last summer and learning so much. I’m a new gardener. I planted my first veggie garden last summer and found your blog when looking for local gardeners. You inspired me this year to sow seeds indoors and to build a grow unit. I was late sowing the seeds and didn’t start until the March 31st – but better late than never. Thanks so much for such an informative blog!


  • It is so lovely to share the gardening spirit with the folks (and Skippy too!!!) Such a great, large veggie patch, and sheltered but not shaded by the trees. Hope you keep the deer out (no deer in this country, so never realised they were such a problem!)

  • That looks like mighty fine dirt in your Dad’s garden. What the heck is popcorn? This is now the main discussion of the morning around here. Will any corn pop, or only specific types? We’re new.

  • That’s great!

    I’ve got a question Kathy; with the impending “heat-wave” (mid to upper 80’s), should I go ahead and transplant my lettuce/spinach, green onions and broccoli, or wait until the HOT weather has passed?

  • Kathy and Dad…nice brown stuff! The hills are turning brown fast out here, must be something to do with the record setting temperatures in the bay area over the last couple of days (97*F). Happy gardening.

  • Love your blog! you seem to have such a passion for gardening! Good luck with keeping the deer out…they are quite persistant critters:) I started working for a deer fencing company in PA called Benner’s Gardens last summer, and I am still amazed by all of the stories that our customers share about their deer problems and adventures. It seems as if deer will do whatever it takes to get a nibble carefully tended fruits and veggies! I installed a deer fence this past august in a wooded area and I was surprised at how easy it was to install- it also seems like the best way to keep deer from feasting on all your hard work:)
    Good Luck with your future gardening endeavors!

  • Deer and trees. I have big mature trees that shade portions of my vegetable garden later in the season.
    The deer around here don’t venture this far, despite the fact that I live at the edge of town. Besides, with two dogs, no other animal besides gophers and moles stand a chance –and even them sometimes ran afoul of the dogs.
    Great blog. I hope your dad grows some great veggies this year.

  • We have deer issues right in the middle of a densely populated village. Dried blood (from the garden center) has helped my neighbor and I keep the deer away from the tulips and other ornamentals.


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