salt marsh hay mulch for my garlic bed

Its been getting chilly, so yesterday I brought a bale of salt marsh hay to my community plot and spread a good layer on my garlic bed. Suzie thought this was really fun! Skippy gave her a look and tried to tell her it was not a place for a puppy.

planting garlic

I was late to plant, but finally planted 75 cloves of garlic. Less than my usual 100 cloves, but all were very big and I spaced them so they used the whole bed that I usually use for 100 cloves. The variety is mostly “Music”, a second year planting. I planted the garlic in my community plot. I’ve decided to keep my plot another year. Next year, I’ll work on getting my new home garden going, but since the soil is so hard, that will take some time.

garlic harvest

The garlic in the back side of my garlic bed (Music) is ripening early. I have been picking lots of scapes and they have been delicious. As leaves yellow, I have been pulling the garlic. I like to pull them when 2 or 3 of the bottom leaves are yellow or brown. I’ve started underplanting the garlic with small bok choy and summer crisp lettuce seedlings. So hopefully, as I pull the garlic, the bed will gracefully turn into a bed of greens. I also have a couple rows of…

garlic shipment is here

My garlic shipment is here!!! I’m excited to get it in the grown a bit early this year. Maybe this week? (I was too late last year.) I have my potato bed dug and ready to go for the garlic. I’ll add a couple inches of compost, turn it under, and then its ready to plant. e-how asked me to do a couple of videos on planting garlic. I am hoping to do these this week and will post links. I ordered the garlic variety “Music” from Territorial. I like…

the last of my garden garlic

I only have a few heads of garlic left from last years harvest. They have been delicious! I wish this years crop looked better. I forgot to cover it with salt hay and it looks like this was a mistake. Plus I planted very late. Many cloves didn’t sprout and it looks like its suffered from drying out with the lack of rainfall this spring.

planting more garlic

Last week my son planted 40 cloves of garlic. I planted another 60 cloves today – finally. The wind was very chilly and not much is left in my garden plot. After planting I pulled a blanket of salt hay over the cloves. Yesterday I had looked up how much garlic I planted last year – 100 cloves. This seemed like a perfect amount, so I planted the same number of cloves again this year. This great thing is that this year what I planted is all garlic that I…

this weekend’s tasks

Not much garden work left for this weekend. One last bed to clear out.Print and post fall/winter information notice on bulletin board at community gardens.Garlic: Locate new bed, transplant volunteers, figure out how many saved bulbs to plant and plant them. My son wants to help – he wants to earn $$ for some project of his. I love to have his help. I meant to plant garlic a couple weeks ago, but didn’t get it gone. The garlic planting time is pretty flexible. I’m looking forward to this!

drying garlic

Before leaving for vacation, I was short of time and threw my newly harvested garlic into a box in the basement. I found this nice video from Kitchen Gardeners about harvesting, curing and storing garlic. Hopefully my garlic will still dry OK after neglecting it last week.

wild garlic

This year, the fields near our community garden are filled with wild garlic. Much more than previous years. There seem to be two different varieties, one with a larger flower (photos above) and the other smaller (photo below). I am assuming its wild garlic. It has small heads with 3 or 4 cloves, like garden garlic. Much of the wild garlic photos I see on line are a pretty white flowered variety with wide flat leaves. This is quite different.

garlic harvest

This week I finished harvesting my garlic. I harvested half of it (New York White and Susanville softneck, plus some hardneck varieties I saved from past years) two weeks ago (July 2). July 10, I pulled the giant cloves of German Extra Hardy and Duganski hardneck varieties. A fantastic harvest! I have enjoyed reading a book called “The Complete Book of Garlic” by Ted Meredith to learn about when to harvest garlic. Its a very informative book that the published sent to me to review. The ideal seems to be…