fresh garlic bulbs

These beautiful bulbs were give to me by a fellow community gardener. I didn’t realize garlic could be pulled this early, with the clove wrappers still thick. Maybe its just that they aren’t good for storage if pulled before the wrappers dry. In any case, its delicious!

garlic scapes

My garlic is FANTASTIC this year! The scapes are ready for picking now. They are such fantastic shapes. The rule of thumb I think I heard is that scapes should be picked before they curl around once. Well many of mine were double curled before I even realized they were there. Also, I find some varieties curl more than others. Anyway…. I think I’ll try a nice scape pesto. Does anyone have good recipes for me?

garlic in April

It looks like it’ll be a fantastic year for garlic. Maybe its the big fancy (expensive) bulbs I mail ordered, or maybe it was a good winter for garlic. Maybe both. It seems it was a fairly average winter here – not overly cold, good snow cover and then an early, warm, sunny and very wet spring. Anyway, the plants are big and healthy looking. I counted today about 100 garlic plants in my plot. Maybe too many, but in past years I haven’t had near enough, so I’m still…

garlic sprouts already

Amazing how fast they sprouted! We’ve been having just fantastic fall weather. These are happy little sprouts. The variety is Susanville, a soft neck garlic that I’m trying for the first time this year.

mail ordered garlic

Two of the garlic varieties I ordered have arrived. I’m still waiting for two more from a different company. I hope to have lots of garlic next year. I love the look of great big heads on the right.

garlic and cover crop order

A couple days ago I ordered: Great Garlic Combo – 8 oz of Duganski & 8 oz of Susanville from Territorial Seed Co. 8 oz = about 30 cloves. I think this may not be enough garlic to produce enough to eat and plant next year. I didn’t grow enough this year. So I’m ordering from Johnny’s:Garlic, New York White (softneck, 3 heads)(link)Garlic, German Extra-Hardy (stiffneck, 3 heads)Fall Green Manure Mix, 1 lb(link) The garlic is back ordered till Oct 1, but that’s fine. The green manure is a cover…

getting ready to plant garlic

I’ve been getting advertisements that its time to order garlic now. Here are some mail order sources: Seeds of Change The Garlic Store Sand Hill Preservation Center Johnny’s Selected Seeds I ordered top sets a couple years ago and they haven’t done very well for me. They take several years to size up and I’m afraid I’ve lost them all in the process. Three or four years ago I grew supermarket garlic (softneck) and its done pretty good. I still get a few medium sized ones from this. My most…

a test garlic

On Sunday I dug a first garlic head to see if they are ripe yet. They plants have turned yellow and brown, but are still standing. The head was bigger than I’ve ever grown and beautiful creamy white skin. 6 or 8 nice cloves. But the skin had many wrappers and wasn’t dry – the inner wrappers were thick and leathery still. So it wasn’t ready for harvest. I’ll wait a few more weeks to dig any more of them. Garlic is ready for harvest when the leaf tops begin…

bbq’d pizza with grilled garlic scapes

I picked a big bowl of garlic scapes today. We sauteed them whole in olive oil over the wood fire. Then we chopped and sprinkled them on pizza and grilled the pizza on the fire. The pizza sauce was the last of my garden tomatoes, stored frozen, from last summer. The salad was my first heads of this year’s garden lettuce. Nice to finish the last of last year together with the first of this year.  

garlic scapes

This will be another item for my BBQ on Friday. Fresh garlic scapes. I’m deciding how to prepare them – pesto, sauteed, or garlic scape pizza…. Garlic scapes should be picked before they curl around to encourage formation of a larger garlic bulb. I’ve read that picking them well before they curl gives the most tender scapes. Last year mine were tasty, but tough. Next time I’m at my garden I’ll pick all of my scapes. Some are curling back double and some are still straight. garlic (Allium sativum)